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Push music to the web, on your own terms.

Manage your music discography, create news updates, upload photos, and post upcoming shows. Includes a mobile friendly theme, streaming music player, and more to help you get started. Pushtape is optimized to work out of the box as a single band website, but provides a leg up in building almost any type of music site.

Out of the box workflow.

Dead simple workflow out of the box, so you can start posting content immediately - insteading of navigating endlessly through configuration screens.

Drupal + Soundmanager2

Pushtape integrates two powerful and battle tested open web technologies to create a rock solid foundation for your music website, saving you time and money researching, configuring and building your site from scratch.

Just the beginning.

Our mission is to build reliable open source tools for kickstarting your music website or web app. For the 1.0 release, we are focused on creating a stable discography foundation and getting the core feature set working well. But there are a lot of ideas on the burner including tutorials, configuration guides, recommended modules, add-ons and more!


Download (

To download development releases and more, visit the project homepage on



Open source projects like this are made possible through your generous support, and we are likewise thankful for the many contributions that made both Drupal and Soundmanager2 possible.

There are a couple of ways you can help Pushtape:

  • Send feedback.
    Try out the software and send us an email or a tweet about your experience.
  • Submit a bug report or patch.
    We use project infrastructure for all development, so head on over to the issue queue to participate.
  • Documentation & Configuration Recipes
    Even if you are not a coder, we need help testing and writing documentation! In particular, configuration recipes act as a step-by-step guide to make Pushtape work for particular use cases, like a podcast site or record label site.
  • Create add-on modules & themes.
    If you are a developer, jump in IRC #pushtape to talk shop about building add-on functionality, advanced features, and Pushtape compatible themes.